Kind Hearts

For an emerging country like India, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation. "Kind Hearts" is a team of volunteers raising funds to support disadvantaged kids with developmental challenges.Read more..

Our Mission

Our mission is to support disadvantaged and challenged children in India through their formative years and prepare them for a self-reliant future.Read more..

Our Services

  • ► Identify the organizations in India that are struggling to continue and support underprivileged children in India, sponsor school fees, clothing, supplies and basic things for their survival

  • ► Fund basic sanitation facilities and shelter at these group homes to improve the living conditions of the under privileged children

  • ► Support children in need with food and basic amenities so they have a stable childhood in their formative years

  • ► Provide learning and teaching aids to the teachers and caretakers of differently abled children so they have access to better resources they need to teach challenged kids

How it works

Kind Hearts Foundation is committed to improve the lives of less fortunate and challenged children in India. Our activities are managed by a team of volunteers with an end goal of minimizing the administrative expenses and dedicating all the resources towards the children’s needs. Kind Hearts volunteers in India identify the projects and our team in the U.S raise funds to support these projects. Kind Hearts Foundation is a 501 c (3) Non –profit organization registered in California and your donations are tax deductible. We at "Kind Hearts" welcome individuals and organizations to join hands with us to support these causes.

All of us have great intentions to help others. Sometimes we have reservations about our own abilities and hesitate to take up the responsibility for bringing the change. However, we all have witnessed that most extraordinary things were started by ordinary people. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are willing to contribute or have questions. Our email- This is also our PayPal.

You can also follow our activities at the facebook page below:

News: February, 2017

Rhythm and Melodies is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect charities helping underprivileged children in India by organizing fund raisers through music events. Kind Hearts Foundation team is working with Rhythm and Melodies in organizing a cultural event on Feb 25th, 2017. Proceeds from ticket sales at this event would be used to support 67 “sabar children” in West Bengal, India. Our team invites you to join us for an evening filled with performances by special needs children, music, dances and an opportunity to see a special guest from India.Read more..